Fakhar Zaman will arrive in the field with full preparation in the World Cup

Fakhar Zaman will arrive in the field with full preparation in the World Cup:

KARACHI: The National Cricket Team opener Fakhrirman says that the preparations will be made in the World Cup with full preparations when the champions will try to repeat the Trophy.
Opener Fakhrirman has said in a special interview at www.cricketpakistan.com.pk that my performance in South Africa was not according to expectations, but I tried my best, that’s what happened in the cricket that he did not need to think ahead. I am watching.
He said that this year will be scheduled for the World Cup in Schedule World Cup, and will try to improve the performance of the champions trophy, PSL, the players’ form and fitness will be better, he said. Afterward, against strong teams like Australia and England, teams will also help in preparing high-quality cricket.
In response to a question, he said that the involvement of ABD Wells is due to the strengthening of Lahore Qalandar, the entire squad is beneficial for his experience, especially for the Pirates star, he is also playing cricket. There is an enlargement of their presence, encouraging the players, the opportunity to learn more from The Dealers.
Fakhrirman said there was a huge loss for the team to lose Mohammad Hafeez’s service, but being a professional player, we have to be prepared to fight such situations.
The opener said that my role in the top of Lahore Qalandar’s top order is to keep the crease long so that Lahore Qalandar gets a good platform for a big score, playing an opener for 10 to 15 overs, the potatoes get a better position.
He said that Pakistan has the opportunity to play most of the national cricket, PL 8 matches are very happy in the country, all the players are happy to play in front of their good, excited to participate in these competitions. Yes, hopefully, the next year will be more matches in Pakistan.
The critics respond to Prakash Zaman
Fakhrirman responded to the flaws of the batsmen in the betting, the opener was asked that some of his batsmen have some problems with which his opponents are now taking advantage.
In response, Fakhrirman said he would tell me, he would work to improve. No one told yet, but on the question, he said that Taksi did not talk about it yet.
As well as the All-rounder, I want to benefit from the national team, Prakash Zaman
Fakhrirman also wants to come to the national team in bowling, on the question of being the All-rounder, he says that I do majority in the net, not only the All-rounder, but an attempt is needed if the team needs a chance at any time. The bowlers can also play their role, try to keep themselves on their own.

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