Female Umpire’s DRS Review Error Causes Confusion in Cricket Match

Umpire’s DRS Review Error Creates Lighthearted Moment in Women’s ODI Match

South Africa vs. Australia, 2nd ODI:

In a surprising turn of events during the ongoing second ODI between South Africa and Australia at the Sydney Oval, umpire Claire Polosak unintentionally reversed a DRS decision, drawing laughter and lightheartedness amidst the intense competition.

Polosak, who holds the distinction of being the first female umpire in the prestigious Sheffield Shield competition, initially declared South African opener Marizanne Kapp “out” following a DRS review. However, she quickly realized her mistake and corrected the call to “not out,” leaving players and spectators momentarily amused.

This momentary confusion, captured on camera, has gone viral on social media, highlighting the pressure and complexities involved in officiating even the highest levels of cricket. Despite the error, Polosak continued to officiate the match with professionalism and poise.

Meanwhile, the focus remains on the match itself. After being put in to bat by Australia, South Africa fought their way to 169-5 in 35.5 overs before rain intervened. As the game resumes, both teams will strive for a strong finish, with South Africa aiming to level the series after Australia’s dominant victory in the first ODI. The final match is scheduled for February 10th in North Sydney.

Female Umpire's DRS Review Error Causes Confusion in Cricket Match
Female Umpire’s DRS Review Error Causes Confusion in Cricket Match

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