How To Edit Photos In Adobe Photoshop | Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

How To Edit Photos In Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials. How to Edit Photos in Photoshop CS6 | Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials.

Say you take a picture that captures the moment exactly as you wanted it to, but the color or off. Or, another common scenario, say you’ve got a stock photo that has perfect articles but it doesn’t fit your brand’s style. Knowing how to edit an image is useful for more than just designers or photo editors – it can be useful for marketers, social media managers, small business owners, or anyone who wants to make a decoration.

In this article, I show you five quick techniques in Adobe Photoshop to quickly adjust, enhance, or change the entire dynamics of an image.

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Bright and contrasting.
Layer Blend Mode.
Defeat Photoshop’s Camera RAW filter.

1. Change the Brightness and Contrast

One of the simplest but most effective ways to enhance dynamics or improve the overall definition of an image is by using a brightness/contrast adjustment layer. Use it to lighten or darken the light and reduce or increase the difference between the lights and the darks (on the contrary).

To use the Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer, simply click on the icon at the bottom of the layer palette that says Create a New Fill or Adjustment Layer, then choose Brightness / Contrast from the popout list.

How to Edit Photos watch this video

2. Adjust Curves for a Nostalgic Look

Adjusting the curves in an image can change the tone overall or change the values ​​of each color channel individually. To learn more or refresh your skills, refer to this Introduction to Curve Guide.

I will use the icon curves to change individual RGB channels, which will capture the photographer, the old photography, while simultaneously increasing the contrast. This will give the image a cool tone.

Hint: During the adjustment process, the image will start to look funky. Do not judge the outcome until these steps are eliminated. You can return to each channel to adjust if necessary.

Select the curves as above from the Adjustments Layers menu, and refer to the Properties window. Find the drop-down menu that says RGB at the top of the Properties window. Click on it and select the Red Channel. Move the dark slider in the bottom left of the graph slightly to the right. This reduces the amount of red in the dark areas of the image.

3. Use a Vignette to Create Focus

By creating a widget, you present the boundaries of the image to its environment and focus more on the subject. You can also use the widget by adjusting the curves to add old memories.

For a faster and easier transition, press Command, Shift + N (refer to our free download for more Adobe keyboard shortcuts) and press Add / Return to a new layer.

Go to Edit menu and choose Fill. Select Black in the list dropdown. Now, add a layer mask by clicking the Add layer mask button at the bottom of the Layers window. It should be filled with white. If not, click on the layer mask and select white, then apply the steps above.

Press B on your keyboard, or select Brush Tool from the Tools menu. Right-click to bring up the Brush Options window.

How to edit photos in Photoshop – How to create a widget in Photoshop.
Adjust the size slider so the brush is too big, too big, or too big or too small. Slide the stiffness all the way. This will give the soft gradient the edges we need to paint the widget in the mask.

With a layer mask selected, make the black a preview color for the brush. Then, just click the middle of the image to reveal the real one below. You will need to click a few times to adjust the coverage. If you interrupt it, just fill it with black.

Now, reduce the opacity of the layer in the Layers window. I’ve outlined the settings and use the results for this layer mask. Use multiplication for some images. Works better than others – it’s not mandatory.

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How To Edit Photos In Adobe Photoshop
How To Edit Photos In Adobe Photoshop

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