Pakistan vs South Africa Second T20 at Johannesburg, Feb 3, 2019

Pakistan vs South Africa Second T20 at Johannesburg, Feb 3, 2019

Green shirts will be played on the second T20 International Sunday in Johannesburg from the series of tricks for the league proteins.

In the first match, the guest team was dared to reach near the destination, after improving fitness, Mohammad Hafeez’s return is likely if so, Hussain Talaat must vacate the place. Fakhrirman is responsible for reducing the load on Babar Azam from the power hitting, the captain of the captain Shoaib Malik will again be the center of hope, to strengthen Fahim Ashraf, Shahin Shah Afridi or Mohammad Amir are included in place of Ashraf. Can

Shadab Khan will have to improve Line and Lane, South Africa will take FIFA Duplex to rest and lead David Miller, aggressive mood Batsman will have to bear the batting burden with Reza Hendrix and Reese Van Der Dozen, D Kick full series. Outside, the batsmen will easily be able to play strokes on Johannesburg’s pitch, there is a fear of weather disorder. According to the details, in the first match in the T-T20 series of T-Tiny series, Pakistan had to lose some of its mistakes in a six-wicket defeat, in the beginning, Bollersfaf Doppies and Riaz Hendrix did not stop the flood.

Despite the better bowling in the last 5 overs, Protez got the combination of 192, in pursuit of the target, Babar Azam and Hussein Talat did not retain the desired rate despite being on a long time. Therefore, the subsequent batsmen won the wickets and There was also a problem in making runs, the 11-run World No.1 Pakistan team consisting of the 11-run target was also broken.

The second match will be played in Johannesburg on Sunday, the green shirts on this violet in short format could not be underway yet, the host squad was played in both the matches, but Pakistan won 8 wickets in the last One-day match, the guest team Hameeding hockey is expected to improve Hafeez’s fitness, Tohsinin Talat will have to vacate the All-rounder, there is an option to include Shahin Afridi or Mohammad Aamir in place of Fahim Ashraf, for the Pakistan team. The biggest concern is Farkhmanman’s form, Opener’s tour is still one of the only safes in South Africa. Babur Azam is a continuation in performance but if Fakhrmanman runs in top order, pressure on young batsman will not be able to increase the rate of retirement, Pakistan will await big innings in the war against Sri Lanka’s wicket opener, Mohammad Hafeez. The return will help keep the continuation of runs in the middle order, the current captain Shoaib Malik is in good form.

In the first match, Asif Ali Power Hutka could not succeed in taking the role, Umeed Waseem’s bat did not even run, both of which would be important for the big score, Shadab Khan did not hit both the bat and the hair, the return guest guests Usman Shinwari and Hasan Ali will have to put a crack in the defense of hosting batsmen. The good news for Pakistan is that FIFA Duplex, who is the main player in South Africa’s big tooth in the first match, Instead of participating in both the competitions, they have decided to rest, they must be fresh before Sri Lanka Wanted, David miller has been led in his absence, the aggressive Batsman will be able to handle the team for the first time in an international match.

David Miller’s bat could not be played in the first T Twenty20 match after the one-day series, but he played a crucial role in defeating Pakistan’s campaign by taking 2 runs with 4 catches, after South Africa’s Inspired Paul Domini. The loss of expectations in the betting will have to bear the burden of expectations in the form, Rice van der Dusen did not perform well in the last match, but in the one-day series, a good form appeared in the One-Day series.

He and David Miller will have to create the ease of comfort for the other batsmen, in the first match, the South African bowlers, Buran Hondakes, Chris Morses, Andrew Flequeview, and Spinner Tabriz Solar have used better terms, scoring Junior Della and Lutu Simpala The pitchers of the squaders can usually be given the chance to play for the bowlers, but also for the bowlers to play strokes, but in the fourth and final of Pakistan and South Africa, more than pitch is more than usual, guest guests to spinner There was also a special help, predictions of the horizon and stormy winds Looking at the tossing team will prefer to pursue the target.

Pakistan vs South Africa Second T20 at Johannesburg, Feb 3, 2019
Pakistan vs South Africa Second T20 at Johannesburg, Feb 3, 2019

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