Rizwan Crowns Ayub the “Next Superstar”: Youngster Remains Grounded

Pakistani Youngster Ayub Stays Grounded Despite Rizwan’s “Superstar” Label

Pakistani batsman Saim Ayub humbly deflects the “superstar” tag bestowed upon him by wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan, despite facing challenges in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Rizwan, recognizing Ayub’s potential, believes playing in leagues like the CPL and BPL will expose him to diverse playing conditions, boosting his confidence and adaptability.

“We believe Saim Ayub is the next superstar from Pakistan,” Rizwan expressed at a BPL press conference. “Playing in leagues like the CPL or BPL will help him acclimatize to different conditions, gain confidence, and read situations better. Learning here can be fantastically applied to the Pakistan team as well.”

Despite Rizwan’s endorsement and his own awareness of the learning curve ahead, Ayub acknowledges the need for significant improvement. The 21-year-old underperformed while playing for Durdanto Dhaka, scoring only 77 runs in five matches with an average of 15.40.

In a prior ESPNCricinfo interview, the left-hander confessed, “I realize I have much more to achieve internationally. There’s a lot to learn and areas to enhance to become dominant. I’m focused on making those improvements.”

Ayub views mistakes as valuable learning experiences. “Top cricketers have told me you learn more from mistakes than from success,” he shared. “Facing setbacks early helped me understand the standards I need to meet. Early success wouldn’t have driven me to improve in crucial areas.”

Concluding the discussion, Ayub expressed his equal love for all three formats – Test matches, T20Is, and ODIs – citing a desire to emulate legends who excel across formats. He believes playing red-ball cricket makes white-ball cricket a bit easier.

Rizwan Crowns Ayub the "Next Superstar": Youngster Remains Grounded
Rizwan Crowns Ayub the “Next Superstar”: Youngster Remains Grounded

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