7 freelancing skills You Can Learn Quickly [with less competition] Best Skills for Freelancing

In this blog post, you will learn the 7 best freelancing skills you can learn quickly with less competition.

All the top 7 skills mentioned in this list require very little learning curve as you can learn less than a month and has a little to medium level of competition in the market but definitely has a bright future ahead.

So without further ado let’s get started.

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7 best freelancing skills you can learn quickly with less competition;

Let’s take a look at the top 7 skills in detail along with why you should do it and how you can do it and earn money with examples through the skill.

Let’s dive right in.

  1. Video editing:

Video editing as the name refers to is a skill to edit different and multiple shots of small clips into a full video using professional video software like Adobe and filmora.


You just have to learn how to use any one of the popular video editing software like Adobe, filmora, Final Cut Pro x etc, and start freelance.

You can take many online courses from platforms like udemy and skillshare in order to learn video editing from those popular video editing software from the well-known experts of the industry at a very low cost.

Let me tell you why video editing is an important skill that you can learn very quickly and has very low competition is because,

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Over the years content consumption has increased a lot.

Due to the accessibility and affordability of the Internet worldwide.

According to Statista, over 4.6 billion people use the internet worldwide which is approximately 59.5% of the whole population of the world.

In 4.6 billion people who use the internet, over 2 billion people use YouTube every month,

People watch more than 1 billion hours of video content every day on YouTube, over 500 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute.

The stats are just absolutely crazy.

In the initial days of content marketing, written text was very popular and successful but with decreased attention span and habits of people, video has taken over the scene.

As a matter of fact, video content is 50 times better than text because of which,

  • 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.

All popular social media platforms have video content as a major priority whether it is,

  • Facebook which is the world’s largest social media platform or
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

Even platforms like Pinterest which initially started as an image and visual search engine started promoting videos like crazy.

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Apart from social media, many online movie streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have seen a record high growth in numbers especially due to the covid pandemic and social distancing and lockdown where all the cinema halls were shut down.

What is the common element in all of these platforms?

It is video content.

Video content is growing like crazy every year, whether it is promotional, educational, or entertainment content.

What is the most important part of any video production?

Yes you guessed it right video editing.

Video editing is a skill that is going to stay here for a long time now because of its demand.

Compared to its demand I don’t think the competition is so heavy, so it is definitely a great skill to learn.

Because you are becoming a freelance video editor, your earnings will vary on various factors like,

  • Your client’s location and demographics.
  • Your project type.
  • Your skill set, portfolio, and expertise.

So what are you waiting for go and learn video editing software and practice the skill and start pitching offers to creators on YouTube and social media influencers that you can make videos for them?

You can also build a strong portfolio on freelance websites like Upwork and freelancer and get paid.

  1. Voice over:

Like video content, audio content is also on the rise and growing exponentially every year.

Take, for example, a podcast which is the best form of audio content.

  • Around 67 million people listen to podcasts every single month.
  • 1 out of 5 Americans prefers listening to podcasts even in a tight schedule.
  • About 15% of Americans listen to a podcast at least once in a month.
  • If you got a beautiful and attractive voice, why not try being a voice-over.

You can get hired by different companies and bloggers for the following works,

  • Making radio advertisements.
  • Converting blog posts into podcasts.
  • For commentary purposes.
  • For narration of movies, audiobooks, and TV serials.
  • For speaking in-game characters.

There is very little learning curve required in this skill, all you need to do is to convert a text file into an audio file through your own voice.

You might have to learn how to speak smoothly and different ways of frequencies invoices.

You can easily find lots of clients and customers on freelance platforms like Upwork and freelancer and it has quite a bit of low competition compared to other categories.

  1. Freelance blogger:

Yes you heard it right freelance Blogging is also one of the freelancing skills that you can learn very quickly.

It’s about offering content writing services to people online especially for bloggers and digital marketers and for large companies.

But before you start offering services on platforms like Upwork and freelancer, first of all, you become a blogger and start a blog on your website on WordPress.

You first need to select a topic for your blog so that you can specialize in the topic and later succeed in a highly competitive market of freelance writing.

Just publish a bunch of blog posts on your blog which helps you to get traffic from search engines and it is also going to be a sample of your work that you can show to your clients and make job offers.

You can easily learn how to write freelance content writing through reading and learning how other people write blogs on their websites and practice it.

Although Freelance content writing is quite a competitive industry because it is an easy and lucrative business.

Freelance blogging is a highly demandable skill because you are offering content writing services to other people mainly large companies because they understand the importance of content marketing and blogging and

because 77% of internet people read blogs, understand and learn about different things online through blogs before they make any important Decision like purchase.

In freelance blogging, you can also learn copywriting skills and start offering services related to that for other businesses.

Because many of the large companies and bloggers do not have enough time and energy to write content for their blogs themselves, they start hiring freelancers to get the job done.

When you first start a blog and then offer freelancing services on your website to other people then your chance of succeeding in freelance will become high because people can see and look at your content Quality.

People can see what kind of content you can produce before they can hire you for their service.

Very few people do this in freelancing.

Another benefit of freelance blogging is that because you have started a website yourself on whichever platforms let say WordPress before you start freelancing,

you must have learned some knowledge regarding how to start and build a website from scratch,

Apart from content writing services you can also offer services regarding how to build websites on WordPress from scratch,

because having a website is the most important part of any company’s digital marketing strategy so you can sign up to popular affiliate programs of web hosting companies like Bluehost and

earn commission as well while offering and building websites on WordPress for your clients.

Look learning WordPress is not rocket science and due to scarcity of time and energy, many businesses look for experts who already have knowledge in this area to get their job done rather than doing the work themselves.

As a freelancer can you also blogging, you will be learning about SEO, you can teach and offer lots of SEO Services to other people along the way.

This strategy can help you go way ahead in freelance blogging and content writing services.

This will open lots of avenues for you to start earning money online through freelancing and offering services for companies and marketers.

  1. Stock photography:

Do you have an interest and passion in clicking images from your camera or smartphone?

Can you invest a little bit of time in learning different techniques of capturing images with camera and editing images in tools like Photoshop?

If yes, this is another great idea for you to start a freelance career in stock photography.

Look, we are living in a digital world right now.

And the most important part of this digital world is quality content.

Whether it is in content marketing or it is in the social media marketing or any other marketing channel there is no replacement for quality content whether it is in the form of a blog post or video or audio file.

The most important part of blog posts, newspapers, magazines, and videos content is images, as a matter of fact,

  • Articles with images get 94% more views as opposed to those with no visuals.
  • 71% of bloggers report using visuals as part of their marketing strategy.
  • 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their businesses.

So you have learned the importance of images.

But unlike other freelancing skills and career options in stock photography, you don’t have to work under anyone or you don’t have to complete a job of any client, 

All you have to do is to take beautiful images which are unique and captivating the user’s attention and

edit those images on different image editing software like Photoshop to make it more attractive and upload them on top stock photography websites like Shutterstock and Adobe under your account.

For example, you can upload your images on Shutterstock which is the stock photography Marketplace, and all the bloggers, marketers, and advertisers,

Those who are looking for the best quality images will purchase images from websites like Shutterstock.

As a photographer, you will make money depending upon how many people buy/download your image from the online marketplaces of stock photography where you uploaded the images.

I agree on the fact that the stock photography industry is quite competitive but if you are patient and consistent enough in your approach and select only one topic or niche down your target audience,

the competition gets smaller and smaller and you can probably increase your chances of success in this industry.

  1. Create designs on canvas for social media/social media management:

Having a social media presence is the most important part of any business and Company in this digital world.

It is because if a company or a business does not have any presence on a digital platform like social media account or does not have a website or a YouTube channel, people are less likely to believe that the company is legitimate.

It is a matter of trust and credibility for any business to have a Digital presence.

And more businesses are increasing their presence on social media platforms because they can easily communicate with their target audience and stay connected with them and build a loyal audience base for a long time.

Due to lack of time and energy, many small businesses don’t manage their social media accounts themselves rather they hire freelancers to manage the social media handles from their side like,

  • Facebook page.
  • Instagram account.
  • LinkedIn account.
  • Pinterest account.
  • YouTube account.

You can learn many free graphic design tools like Canva where you can easily create different social media post like Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos, Pinterest pins, and YouTube thumbnails or infographics, and so on.

After you gain some specialization with these graphic design tools, you can approach many small businesses to let them know that you can take care of their social media handles depending upon which platform you like and

choose and regularly post content on the social media handles by creating it on Canva and manage their social media accounts like responding to comments and updating the profile, etc.

You can even show some of your posts examples as a sample of your work to maximize the chances of you getting hired by the companies.

Social media management is a skill that you do not need any much learning curve.

There are many businesses who want such services and you can get paid good money for such services with less effort.

  1. Facebook or Google ads management/Digital marketing:

Do you have an interest in Digital Marketing concepts?

If yes, you can get started as a digital marketer by learning different areas of digital marketing.

I understand very well that the digital marketing area is a highly competitive skill but, because of its demand the competition is justified.

In digital marketing, there are different types of skills you can Acquire like paid advertising or Search Engine Optimisation and email marketing, and so on.

It is highly recommended that you specialize in any one of those skills so that you can increase your chances of succeeding in your freelancing career.

There are lots of businesses and companies who want to do digital marketing for their business but they can’t be able to do it due to a lack of knowledge and time.

Many businesses understand that digital marketing can help their business grow by leaps and bounds,

you can fill the gap by learning and mastering different digital marketing skills like Facebook advertising or Google advertising and Run the paid campaigns of the companies yourself

There are lots of courses online which are there for free which you can use to start learning how to run Facebook ad campaigns or Google ad campaigns.

It is highly recommended that you start a website of yourself and start publishing content like blogging so that you can use it to practice paid advertising from your website.

You can get started running paid campaigns on social media giants Facebook with as low as $10 and you can get good knowledge and experience within a couple of weeks of time.

This will give you a good understanding and experience of how these ad campaigns work and how you can maximize conversions to your ad campaign.

When you get enough knowledge and experience in the field you can start approaching different companies and brands to showcase your results and

because you are a guy with already experience and has expertise in the field, businesses are more likely to believe and hire you to get their job done.

  1. Online tutoring and coaching:

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This is another great option for freelance.

As long as you have any skill and experience in any field or at least have more knowledge than beginners, you can work as a part-time freelancer and teach other people whatever skill you have and get paid either hourly or from task to task rates.

There is no specific topic that you can start teaching and coaching people online, you can select one among many different topics like,

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  • You can teach People English speaking.
  • You can teach people Accounting and billing taxes.
  • You can coach people and give them life and career advice.
  • If you have a degree in any education qualification, you can give live classes to the students to qualify for different exams.
  • You can teach people how to do DIY crafts and arts.

You can connect with your clients on video calls like WhatsApp, skype, and zoom to start online classes.

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You just have to find out what is skill that you are very good at and is there any demand for that skill in the market, if yes you can start your freelance journey on popular freelance platforms.

These are the top 7 freelance skills you can learn very quickly and has less to medium level of competition compared to other categories in freelancing.

With that being said let’s conclude the blog post.

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7 freelancing skills You Can Learn
7 freelancing skills You Can Learn

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