Sarfraz or Shoaib, who captain in the ICC World Cup 2019

Sarfraz or Shoaib, who captain in the ICC World Cup 2019:

I can tell you one thing, maybe you do not believe South Africa, Shoaib Malik’s name was to be named by Sarfraz Ahmed, after he was returning home, he got the opinion about it, but media In social media, it has become an environment such as if a war broke out for leadership in both senior cricketers, if there was any fear in Sarfraz’s heart that Shoaib could become a permanent captain in his place, then he was responsible for a young cricketer. He said to be a golden man so that he could easily return to return but he did not do it, it is clear that matters He does not seem as bad, but uncertainty Pakistan Cricket Board is responsible for creating the situation, several months have passed Ehsan Mani became the chairman.
During this time the media questioned them about the leadership in the World Cup for some time, but there was never a clear answer, the problem of the problem was just a few words or a press release, which announced Sarfraz to retain the captain in the World Cup. Why was it done, but why did not it happen, which did not happen to which the conspiracy theories came in front of it, it was the gold that was announced by the board. We appoint series-series captains after the PL will decide the national leadership of the World Cup. All the teams around the globe make up for their mega event at low-level while we can not decide the captain, if the salary If the results are not good, the PCB will ask the authorities why they delayed so much, even in the Sarfraz case that the board sent them back was astonishing, the captains could play fourth-day but we Till now, the four-match ban extended to five, the case was not fought properly in front of ICC, then it came to be said that the ICC will protest in the meeting, what will be the advantage of the captain’s match Will they be back?
Similarly, the toughest statement against the chairman of the ICC, after the fight, is the point of view of remorse, no matter where you are now, we also have to make our place like India when the Council Once again, I believe surface was mistaken but you imagine Kohli used to make such a mistake, so that his board would ban four matches, when the South African board and the affected player forgiven Sarfraz, the case Why did not it go out, why the decision was announced after half an hour after the toss, asking for a question, there is a lot of confusion in this case. A media and social media kept shouting that Sarfraz called Blackukoyo black, but he was on the matter of the real objection about his mother, when the Pakistani captain and the proteins cricketer met, they said that ‘ “You said something about my mother, who was acquainted with social media”, surfing it in a very narrow detail that it was important for the mother to pray for the Muslims and she was pointing to it. Even apologized for calling black, everyone saw the pictures in which the Philosophy was smiling, meaning that their hearts Although the ICC had met with his protagonist representative, he did not mean to be angry with his representative, I said earlier, I would say that our biggest enemies are themselves, the point of surface we have Booble and told the black what the meaning meant, I also gave this example in the web show of ‘Kakkar Pakistan’ that the statement about Shoaib Akhtar’s display is such as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s human rights Talk.
Former Peace released the video on social media and made him anxious. Then he left behind the show of a year’s ban, but he was not talking to anyone after a surprise return. If he ever met, he would ask if there was never any career in any dispute. The unbeaten cricketer Shoaib Akhtar did not greet him, who was angry, and the captain also expressed anger on Shoaib Akhtar’s personal attacks in front of the media. As far as I have information, there are no major differences in the Pakistan team, the players respect Sarfraz, it is correct that some juniors are now flying in the sky with millions of contracts, but the environment of the team is not spoiled, No one likes the habit of scoring captains but they are not from the beginning but they can not change, but the field is left behind in the field, so in the last year, Hassan Ali’s move in New Zealand emerged.
Although they wanted, they could ban the PCB and report them, as well as Shoaib Malik, they do not run behind Kappatani and support Sarfraz fully support when the captain is banned. So, what Shoaib had to handle, what is wrong with Shoaib, some circles say that a close-eyed politician of the All-rounder went to his office to recommend him to Captain to make him captain so that he would handle the same position in the World Cup. However, I can not say about Mani that he will replace the captain on the recommendation of anyone if the Chairman should resolve this issue. It can be done in two minutes, as soon as the delay will make the case worse, then tomorrow if Shoaib had to make captains for any reason, then all the politicians would meet the theory that they would meet. Directors call the media for the press release.

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