Sarfraz Ahmed will be the captain of the national team or not

Sarfraz Ahmed will be the captain of the national team or not?

Mohsin Khan, head of the PCB Cricket Committee, said that the team will be discussing the issue of returning to Sarfraz Ahmed.
This decision is a discretion of chairman Ehsan Mani, we can only advise, in the special interview to the Salim creator of, Pakistan’s biggest web site, he said that it is now to be named as Vatican Captain. Can not say, no tester should also put the lead load together in three ways. According to him Sarfraz is the right decision to return from South Africa after the dispute, he was mentally calm, team vice captains and players should be backed up.
According to details, Mohsin Khan said that the appointment of the captain of the national cricket team was the chairman’s discretion. We can only give them advice, but the selection committee and the squeeze sector are in the scope of the cricket committee, whatever we feel wrong He can say, he said that we will take a detailed look at Sarfraz Ahmed’s case, he has the correct decision of PCB to return from South Africa, the captain had made a big mistake, the team’s performance was not good. Happened, his own game was not even more special, in such a way the ban of four matches also took place.
Surfraz was not suitable in South Africa to be more inexperienced, out of the atmosphere, he was mentally relaxed, who is a correct step, he is being cautious in all three formats, now he is young and he has a lot of time, the Pakistan is a bright future. On this question, making Shoaib Malik the captains are saying that he will permanently give this responsibility, will Sarfraz be returned as a captain? Mohsin Khan said that the matter was detailed on the matter of cricket committee. It would be a matter of fact, as I said earlier that the captain’s appointment was chairman’s chairman, we would certainly advise that it is best for both Pakistan and Sarfraz, South African series in the series as well as Shoaib Malik as senior The cricketer was sacked and I did not disagree with this decision, as the captain of the captain Sarfraz named the chairman. Yes, that’s not what I’ll name now.
After discussing all the matters, then I will talk to kindness, but I should definitely tell that the proposal of the Committee will not be in favor of anybody, we will propose to improve Pakistan cricket, surfable talented and There is still a 78-year-old cricket. On the question that you had said that Sarfraz should not be captained in a test, looking at the recent performance of the team, would he suggest it to the chairman, Mohsin Khan said that Sarfraz was two years ago, and he was old. After becoming a star, when I was the chief selector, I picked them for the O team, brought it for matches, their future was bright, but according to my opinion, an experienced actor was also in a three-way captain The burden should not be put together, I said 2 years ago that the head of the first one and T-Twenty20 lead Sarfraz, he fell 1,2 years more. But the cricket board management ideas were different.
Former Test opener added that before the retirement of Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan, we had prepared Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq as not only a player but also a captain, but both were indulged in, outdoors. Some captains have to be made and captains have to be prepared, on one question, he said that the team’s vice-captains and players should be backed up, as chief selector told his colleagues that 16 members With squad we have to develop almost 7,8 players in every field, which can be given the opportunity to get needed.

The Cricket Committee does not agree with the more dynamic view

Mohsin Khan has said that the cricket committee is not getting a more dynamic eye. I agree with this impression, it is also true that our meetings have not been done, but the Chairman has given me the authority to ask the meeting whenever I want, I will take my whole team together, the decision will be mine, will keep it in front of the chairman again, he added that we are not the decision makers and only the chairman can give advice.

Describing Arthur to be called “Dairy”, does not ask for forgiveness

Mohsin Khan explained Coach Mickey Orthar to say “Dangerous” in the TV show, he said that when I said, there was no connection with the QMC board, a word said in a fluid, later Some people of the media made it a point, I narrowly talked to the chairman, he said, do not pay attention to such things, then he also made a statement in a press conference, apologizing to coach The question does not arise, he acknowledged that after taking over the position, Mikri Arthur did not have any contact with him yet.

There are some reservations on the matters of selection

Mohsin Khan has said that the performance of the team in the UAE was very disappointed, I was expecting our coaches and captains to meet, we had a lot of reservations on performance, but then South Africa Tour Yes, I was told that foreign coaches wanted to go home, asking them to meet what team problems were, but our meeting could not be done.
The reason for not meeting the integration is that I had asked the Coaches and Selection Committee together, I had some reservations on the selection that are still, some things
Sarfraz Ahmed will be the captain of the national team or not
Sarfraz Ahmed will be the captain of the national team or not

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